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Positioning the Mini Flash/Optical Snoot combo is simple with the main target gentle, And that i tended to have a centered and a little forward overhead beam but would modify it as necessary for my exceptional matter lighting. With classic snoots which are more difficult to goal, I tended to situation the snoot for your sweet spot and not shift it Substantially, so this extra usability was appreciated.

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Snooting can add extraordinary lights to isolate the subject from its qualifications. Pictures of ordinary subjects that you have shot numerous occasions could be was eye-popping photos as an alternative to a basic aged fish ID shot. But once the track record is colorful, intriguing or tells a great story about the topic, then only take away the snoot and shoot it like a standard macro shot.

immediately after my first dive with the Backscatter Optical Snoot, I felt like I had observed the unicorn: a straightforward-to-intention snoot that resulted in the A great deal greater proportion of top quality visuals, which made snooting exciting all over again

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